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I am so excited to share that not only producing my first TV show; I am also hosting it! My first episode will air this spring.

It will stream on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and ZondraTV with a potential reach of over 350 MILLION people!

I believe that sharing is caring! So, I am sharing this special offer with you! Let me introduce you to the newest way to deliver your elevator pitch to the world called “BizTizMent”.
As a small business owner and producer with ZondraTV Network I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we are committed to leveling the playing field for Small Business Entrepreneurs. We have created an amazing service as an entry point into Streaming TV for business entrepreneurs.

What Is BizTizMent?

Great question! Biz-Tiz-Ment is an informercial video directory where your business can be featured on TV. Imagine sharing your elevator pitch on TV for the world to see. Your video will be seen on Roku, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV and Zondra TV.

The BizTizMent Video Directory Includes

  • Detailed instructions on how to use your personal device to record your compelling elevator pitch

  • In-house editing provided by ZondraTV Production Team

  • Includes a custom link to your video that you can include in your email signature and share with existing and new clients

  • Metadata so that you can be found through search engines

  • Increase the KLT (Know, Like and Trust) factor by telling your story and the benefits of working with you

Getting Started

I am excited to offer this service to help you enter into Streaming TV. This is the most convenient and affordable way to begin your digital journey. To reach hundreds of thousands of people with your streaming video takes nothing more than a $99 deposit to get going, and $39.99 monthly available now! 

Click here to hold your BizTiZMent Listing TODAY for only $99. You will then be billed a monthly subscription of only $39.99 to distribute your video pitch on Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV and ZondraTV. Not to mention you will receive a custom link that you can place in your email signature for your new and existing clients.

Questions? Contact:
Follow SharontineSpeaks on Instagram for the latest and greatest!

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